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Wrist Mala with Dorje (thunderbolt) - 8mm Wood Beads

Wrist Mala with Dorje (thunderbolt) - 8mm Wood Beads

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The Dorje or vajra symbol is that of a thunderbolt!  Symbolizing the destruction of ignorance and is INDESTRUCTIBLE itself.  Perfect to harness that masculine or yang energy that we may need in challenging times, reminding us that we hold a VERY POWERFUL strength within, and do need to succumb to fear, rumors or especially the heightened fears brought on by unawareness.

Hold on to yourself.  You have you.. and it may not feel like it all the time, but you can dig deeper!! Take this opportunity and find your power!


  • Handcarved Wood Beads from Tibet
  • Purchased from our dear friend, Suren Shrestha, master of ancient healing and vibrational therapies as taught to him by Himalayan yogis and Tibetan and Nepalese monks and singing bowl healer.
  • Fits up 6 3/4" wrist
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