April Birthstones - Alternatives to Diamonds!

April Birthstones - Alternatives to Diamonds!

April Babies are Diamonds!!

Since Diamonds are a bit pricey to bead with, we have the very popular alternative used worldwide....Quartz Crystal!

Crystal Quartz

is another alternative April birthstone recently chosen for its clear color and similarity to diamond. Clear quartz, sometimes called rock crystal, has also been designed and widely accepted as a birthstone for April.

Quartz gemstones also come in colored varieties, as specific impurities in the crystal structure of quartz create yellow citrine gemstones or purple amethyst crystals. However, when using quartz as an April birthstone, the classic clear quartz is ideal. Known as the "Universal Crystal", quartz is a popular and powerful stone. Metaphysically, quartz is thought to amplify, balance, store, focus, and transmit energy. It is also a stone of clarity, and can increase inspiration and creativity. It is also useful to improve concentration and retention of knowledge. Even today the powerful vibrations of quartz crystals are used in electronics, crystal healing, and rituals.

Another special alternative April birthstone from the quartz family is herkimer diamond.

Herkimer Diamonds

are not diamonds at all, but are unique quartz crystals from Herkimer County, NY. Their name bears the term "diamond" because they form as double terminated crystals, giving them the physical shape of a diamond with points at each end. Metaphysically, herkimer diamonds are prized as the most powerful of quartz crystals.

Clarity Bracelet

Enjoy and get inspiration from this bracelet featuring April baby birthstones with the energy of focus, clarity, amplification of the other stones it's paired with! 

This limited edition bracelet features 16 different gemstone beads and strings up to 7" . Beaders Tip:  All of the beads except one will fit stretchy cord, so you can always drill out the ONE bead and string up with a different technique!

Gemstones: crystal quartz, a crystal quartz with carved dragon to superpower it, angel aura quartz, herkimer quartz, rainbow moonstone and himalayan moon quartz.  No two stones are alike! 

Interested in one?  Please text us at 808-436-4930.  This is a very limited item, and hidden in the store ;). Aloha!

crystal quartz bracelet


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