Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

As we look forward to the new year ahead, I think I can safely say that we're all looking to exit this very challenging year of 2020 with much anticipation. This past year has forced all of us to change, to become stronger and more resilient. Never in a million years would we have thought that our doors would close so abruptly in March, to be followed by two more closures, once due to the pandemic, and the other due to the threat of an impending hurricane. We had to shift quickly and come up with alternative ways to meet your needs! And during that shift, we had our share of technical challenges, too - in so many unimaginable ways!

If this past year has taught us anything, it was how to fully appreciate the precious moments with everyone we love. We needed to stop and count our blessings and be grateful for everything we've been given. 

We can't leave this year behind without expressing our gratitude to YOU, our wonderful and caring customers, who kept us going when times were rough and when the challenges seemed insurmountable. It was because of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU that we can earnestly say that we'll still be here, OPEN for your beading needs, although in a different way than we've become accustomed in the past. So let us know how we can assist you in your craft, and what you would like to see from us in the way of showcases and classes. We are here for you!

Now, come with us as we take on 2021 with much fervor and gusto! Together, we can do it!

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