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Jeweler's Round Nose Plier


Extremely fine tips and smooth movement make these round nose pliers our favorites, guaranteeing that all your loops will be round forever more!! Made from high-grade steel, they feature double-leaf springs and cushion grips. 4 3/4" long.

This Lindstrom line IS the ultimate tool treat!  Purchase these if you are feeling great about yourself, and want to fuel your creativity with a set of tools that will help you refine your skills and make almost anything possible.

While a bit more pricey than the german tools, these Swedish-engineered tools are the best things ever, and I’ve never regretted this purchase, especially after re-conditioning my set to almost “new” 3 times since ‘97.  These are high-performance tools, that are the best quality we could find and if you want to hear genuine excitement, just ask any of our beaders in the store for an honest opinion.  NO ONE has EVER expressed a complaint or regret about these tools..and only say that they can’t imagine jewelry-making without them. That says a lot!


  • Excellent performing pliers with extremely precise jaw alignment.
  • Joint movement is highly stable and smooth which means extra precision even at the extreme tip of the jaws.
  • Double-leaf springs with high-impact cushion grips.
  • Overall length: 120mm (4.72").
  • Smooth jaw measuring 20mm (0.79"). Tip width: 0.8mm (.03"). 

p.s.  Lindstroms that you purchase here are re-conditionable through us.  Please inquire with Jason about the timing and cost.