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Knotting Class Supplies

To learn how to knot, please create your kit to include:

1 - findings pack in your choice of metals

1- tweezer of your choice

1- chain nose plier

1 - flat nose plier

1 - set of beads

1 - nylon cord


scissors to cut your thread

glue, lighter or thread zap to end your cord.

  • Basic Tweezers-Tools-The Bead Gallery Honolulu

    Basic Knotting Tweezers


    Tweezers are a necessity in our tool kits!!  We use them to poke threads into tiny spaces, pull them out, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to KNOT!   We carry ...

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  • Premium Flat Nose Plier-Tools-The Bead Gallery Honolulu

    Premium Flat Nose Plier


    Premium German Flat Nose Pliers with polished jaws that come to a fine even taper and allow you to grip flat AND rounded wire, and make right-angle...

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  • Thread Zap II-Tools-The Bead Gallery Honolulu

    Thread Zap II


    Perfect to "cut" your Brazilian Waxed Polyester and burn the ends in. No more frayed thread ends on your seed beading or macrame projects! It trims...

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