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Geode Slices (Tip-Drilled) with Drusy Inclusion


Absolutely gorgeous focal pieces for an eye-catching, attention-grabbing necklace or earrings! One of my personal favorite beads in the store, and never seen prior to these! Curated from Robert Bentley, purveyor of the unusual and collectible, and supplier to the fine jewelry big names!

  • Geode slices ranging from 33 - 38mm long and 5-7mm thick.
  • Tip-drilled to leave the stone as intact as possible.
  • Translucent cream tip-drilled geode slices!! Hand cut in Brazil by master stone cutters - and loving the sparkling drusy that's highlighted in the centers of this stone!

Each bead is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.

Please contact us and we will happily send you a photo of our current stock to choose from!