Collection: Buddha, Ganesh, & Om

Compassion for others and harming none is a central aspect to Buddhism. The Buddha charms and beads are a wonderful, wearable reminder to remind you of the cause and effects of your actions.
Even if you're not Buddhist, the Eightfold Path for ending suffering can help you develop and focus your intentions! It is:
  • Wise Understanding: realizing the cause of suffering;
  • Wise Intention: motivation to end suffering;
  • Wise Speech: speaking in a way that cultivates clarity;
  • Wise Action: behaving in ways that maintain clarity;
  • Wise Livelihood: supporting oneself in a wholesome way;
  • Wise Effort: cultivating skillful (peaceful) mind habits;
  • Wise Concentration: cultivating a steady, focused, ease-filled mind;
  • Wise Mindfulness: cultivating alert, balanced attention.
  • Ganesha is a remover of obstacles - that that remind you to keep moving forward to following your heart.
  • Om - let this universal sound guide you to feeling one with the universe!

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