• With a beautiful span of colors from yellow to blue to purple! It's a softer stone, and at times easier to access than similar colors of spinels, tourmalines, amethyst and green amethyst - and it's all natural colors which makes it so wonderful to wear!

    Fluorite, as a softer stone, can be thought of as "pillowing" and protecting you from energies that could disturb your chi.  

    To make a bracelet, get ONE strand (8"), and for a necklace, make sure to get TWO!

    You can straight string OR knot this project.  

  • Jamie's Tips:

    1) If you have difficulty opening smaller clasps, try the 11mm lobster and 6mm soldered ring.

    2) You can straight-string this, or knot and add the bead tips at the end to finish.  If you don't want to knot as much, you can do a knot every couple of beads. This protects from losing ALL your beads should it ever break, and also adds a pop of color between your spacers or beads.

  • 3) Add your own focal to make it fun! If it's a heavier bead, it will move to the bottom center with gravity.  If it's too big to string on, you can wrap it separately onto a ring, and string it like a charm.

    4) Turn your necklace into a multi-wrap bracelet!  Just keep in mind to size it to your WRIST first..  depending on your wrist size, a double wrap bracelet end up too tiny for your neck.

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