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Super Sparkle Guru Bead - A Bead Gallery Exclusive!

Super Sparkle Guru Bead - A Bead Gallery Exclusive!

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A Bead Gallery Exclusive!

When we couldn't find a high-quality sterling silver bead that could act as a simple beautiful guru on a mala, so we called upon Jason to make one for us! This is the result. 

A guru bead is a 3 hole bead that allows you to string through it from both sides, and then have both cords meet and exit out of one hole.  This creates a beautiful Y-shape to your necklace and allows you to add this "teacher" bead, that signifies the start and end of your practice and homage to a greater source of universal knowledge.  A pretty cool addition to any necklace!

  • 1 piece
  • 9mm sterling silver with 2 holes that fits up to 18 gauge and up to 12 gauge in the single hole.
  • Sterling Silver bead bails made in Bali.
  • 23k Vermeil and Rose Gold Vermeil are plated in the USA to Federal Trade Commission standards.
  • Jewelry samples are for inspiration. If you'd like to commission a similar custom piece, please contact us!
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