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Burma Jade 10mm Smooth Round Bead - 8" Strand

Burma Jade 10mm Smooth Round Bead - 8" Strand

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    In terms of metaphysical properties, Burmese Jade is renowned as a stone of the heart. Just like its color, it's believed to soothe the heart chakra, and it symbolizes health and abundance. It's often used in spiritual practices and is thought to protect the wearer and promote self-healing.

    Burmese Jade, also known as Jadeite Jade, is a rare and precious stone primarily found in Myanmar (formerly Burma), which is where it gets its name. Burmese Jade is prized worldwide for its intense and varying shades of green, excellent durability, and significant cultural symbolism, particularly in Asian cultures.

    • Burma Jade 10mm Smooth Round Bead
    • 8" Strand
    • Approximately 20 beads per strand
    • Each one is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones


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