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End of Autumn Gemstone Bead Mix - 15 pcs.

End of Autumn Gemstone Bead Mix - 15 pcs.

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Exclusive End of Autumn Gemstone Bead Mix from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu includes:

  • Total pieces: 15 pieces
  • Stones included are:
    • 8mm yellow Mookite Jasper round - 3 pieces
    • 10mm Laguna Lace Agate round - 3 pieces
    • 8mm Smoky Quartz smooth rondelle - 6 pieces
    • 10mm Yellow Tourmaline flat freeform nugget - 3 pieces
  • Strings up to 4.5" in length
  • Hole size fits up to 20 gauge
  • Each mix is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.
  • Online Exclusive!

Yellow tourmaline is an awesome stone which can promote clear thinking, goal-setting, creative problem-solving, confidence, perseverance, self worth, and a positive attitude. This stone can assist one in developing a sense of strength and self-worth.

Smoky quartz is a form of quartz that comes in shades from yellow-brown to dark brown, and can improve overall wellbeing and let go of emotional baggage. This stone brings stability, focus, and practicality. It can reduce anxiety and depression, as well as enhance intuition and manifest dreams. Communication skills can also benefit from smoky quartz.

Mookite jasper encourages versatility. This stone promotes the ability to see and assess all available choices, so that one may ultimately make the right choice. It helps us access our base instinct of our own “knowingness”.

We hope you enjoy your DIY jewelry-making and craft projects with this!

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