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Larimar Bead - 10mm x 25mm Long Drill Simple Cut Focal Nugget - 1 pc. (P225)

Larimar Bead - 10mm x 25mm Long Drill Simple Cut Focal Nugget - 1 pc. (P225)

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Larimar radiates love and peace, and it helps us meet challenges with a neutral state so we can take control of life! It's also great for the throat chakra so we can communicate from our heart with emotional strength!
  • ~10mm x ~25mm (sizes vary) long drill simple cut larimar nugget bead
  • Quanity: 1 piece
  • Each bead is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

Design Suggestion: For creating a harmonious mala, you can pair Larimar with stones that complement its serene blue tones and enhance its calming properties. A lovely match could be Moonstone, which often carries a serene glow with a hint of blue sheen that can enhance the dreamy quality of Larimar. Moonstone is also associated with inner growth and strength, and its pearly luster provides a gentle contrast to the Larimar’s oceanic hues.

To incorporate these stones into a mala, you could alternate Larimar nuggets with smaller, round Moonstone beads to create a rhythmic pattern reflective of waves and moonlight. You might use the Larimar as the guru bead, a larger, more focal bead that sits at the mala’s center or end, symbolizing the culmination of the mala’s energy. Surrounding the guru bead, a series of Moonstone beads can be strung in groups of 27, separated by smaller spacer beads or knots to create the traditional 108 beads of a mala.

Video: Make Your Own Mala Necklace at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu!

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