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Tranquil Courage Tumbled Stone Set - 4 pcs.

Tranquil Courage Tumbled Stone Set - 4 pcs.

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Tranquil Courage Mix

Mantra: "I trust in myself and bravely embrace the changes in my life."

  • Lepidolite (2 pieces)
  • Peach Quartz (1 piece)
  • Sunset Sodalite (1 piece)

Lepidolite, Peach Quartz, and Sunset Sodalite combine with the calming energy of Lepidolite to create a tranquil courage mix.

Peach Quartz strengthens this serenity and promotes compassion, while Lepidolite balances and calms the mind during times of transition.

Sunset Sodalite provides the courage and self-esteem needed to trust one's judgment, creating a powerful combination that encourages both peace and bravery in the face of change.

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