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Vintage Wood Bodhi Bracelet - Kit or Finished Bracelet

Vintage Wood Bodhi Bracelet - Kit or Finished Bracelet

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The Bodhi Bracelet! It's a beginner's leather knotted bracelet that anyone can make! It's a macrame technique that’s fun, satisfying and made with only a SINGLE piece of leather!

Made even more interesting with decaled wood beads that I got from “a guy”, who got it from “this guy” who had stashed it in an apartment in New York since the 70’s!!! These beads have been around, but not for much longer.. these are the last of them....

Available as a complete kit -OR- fully finished bracelet!

The technique is super fun, fast and easy to do - perfect for beginners with only scissors "experience."  wink! 


Kit includes:

  • 1mm leather (distressed navy color) - 6 feet
  • 10mm vintage wood beads - 15 pieces
  • Plated pewter metal button made in USA - 1 piece

Not included:

  • scissors
  • clipboard and office binder clip recommended but a safety pin will do in a pinch!
  • our "rex board" modified clipboard, recommended

Available online only!

Video Tutorial

Vintage Wood Bodhi Bracelet:

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