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Zodiac Hearts Bracelet Kit - 1 set (KT413)

Zodiac Hearts Bracelet Kit - 1 set (KT413)

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Celebrate the celestial dance of the zodiac with our Zodiac Hearts Bracelet Kit. This captivating accessory features a delightful array of 12 enamel hearts, each one meticulously detailed with a unique zodiac sign in elegant black.

Whether you're an astrology enthusiast or cherish a connection to your star sign, this bracelet allows you to wear your astrological alignment or appreciate the full zodiac spectrum. Each heart is a tribute to the different qualities and energies of the signs, making it a meaningful gift or a personal talisman to guide you through life's journey. Adorn your wrist with the beauty of the stars and keep your astrological family close at all times.

**All of our kits are custom-pulled to order**. This bracelet kit includes:

  • Zodiac charms - 12 pieces
  • Textured horseshoe gold plated chain - 1 foot
  • 6mm 18 gauge gold filled jump ring - 3 pieces
  • 4mm 20 gauge gold filled jump ring - 4 pieces
  • Radiant Toggle gold filled - 1 set
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